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Ukr. Bot. J. 2014, 71(2): 173–181
Plant Taxonomy, Geography and Floristics

Genera Trigonella, Melilotoides and Crimea (Fabaceae) in the flora of Ukraine

L.I. Krytska, V.V. Novosad

Results of the critical treatment of the genera Trigonella L., Melilotoides Heist. ex Fabr. and Crimea Vass. in the flora of Ukraine are reported. A system of Trigonella genus was revised. Taking into consideration the data of molecular studies, the fenugreeks with alfalfa flower type and linear fruits are separated in the subgenus Medicagoidinae. It has been suggested that in the genus Melilotoides only sections of the annuals Lunatae Boiss., Samaroideae Boiss. and Pectinatae Boiss. with alfalfa type flower and flat fruits should remain. Herbaceous polycarpics from Ellipticae Boiss. and Persistentes Grossh. sections of Trigonella genus with a simple type flower with enlarged wings and fruits of various shapes, according to the authors, should be attributed to one or several genera (including I.T. Vasil’chenko works). The Crimea Vass. genus is retained in the article with the only one species, S. cretacea (M. Bieb.) Vass., a semishrub having one-seed fruits with thickened radial veins on the surface. A key for determination of the species is composed. The synonymy, nomenclatural type as well as information about ecological confinement and geographical distribution are given for each species.

Keywords: species, species type, holotype, lectotype, syntype, protologue, Trigonella, Melilotoides, Crimea, Fabaceae, Ukraine

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