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Ukr. Bot. J. 2020, 77(4): 270–282
Fungi and Fungi-like Organisms

Representatives of the genus Galerina (Hymenogastraceae) with pleurocystidia in Ukraine

Prydiuk M.P.

The information about records of several interesting species of the genus Galerina (Hymenogastraceae) in Ukraine is provided. The genus remains rather fragmentarily studied in the country; therefore, it has become a subject of special investigation. The first results on the species of the genus Galerina with tibiiform cystidia (belonging to the subgenus Tubariopsis) have been already published. This article continues a series of publications and is devoted to the representatives of the genus having pleurocystidia in the hymenium. It should be noted that such species do not represent a monophyletic group and certainly belong to different subgenera according to currently known data. However, their exact phylogenetical position in many cases remains unknown and needs additional research. Some of the reported species are found for the first time in Ukraine (Galerina annulata, G. atkinsoniana, G. salicicola), while other taxa (G. marginata, G. pruinatipes, G. vittiformis) were recorded in new locations. One species, G. vittiformis, is represented in Ukraine by two forms (f. bispora and f. tetraspora). A special attention is paid to G. marginata, a deadly poisonous species containing amatoxins. Due to fairly wide distribution of G. marginata in Ukraine and morphological similarity, it can be confused with the edible species Kuehneromyces mutabilis. The main characters distinguishing the poisonous G. marginata from its edible double Kuehneromyces mutabilis are emphasized. Descriptions, data about habitats, information on the localities in Ukraine and distribution in the world, as well as original illustrations are provided for all reported species.

Keywords: amatoxins, distribution, Galerina marginata, Hymenogastraceae, mosses, Naucoriopsis, new records, poisonous mushroom

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