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Ukr. Bot. J. 2019, 76(1): 67–70
Floristic Records

Serratula coronata (Asteraceae) – a new species record for the flora of Azerbaijan

Huseynova A.Y., Aghayeva P.N., Qarakhani P.Kh., Ali-zade V.M.

Serratula coronata (Asteraceae) is reported for the first time for the flora of Azerbaijan. The species was first found during the field surveys in 2012 in the forest edge near the village of Qonaqkend in Quba District of Azerbaijan, and later (in 2014) also discovered between Arafsa and Leketaq villages in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Data on distribution of species of Serratula sensu lato in the Caucasus are briefly reported and summarized. Diagnostic characters distinguishing S. coronata from other related taxa are provided. Plant communities with participation of S. coronata in Azerbaijan are characterized. Recent data on taxonomy of Serratula and related taxa are briefly discussed.

Keywords: Asteraceae, Azerbaijan, biogeography, flora, Serratula, taxonomy

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