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Ukr. Bot. J. 2017, 74(5): 431–434
Fungi and Fungi-like Organisms

Collemopsidium kostikovii sp. nov. (Collemopsidales, Xanthopyrenaceae), a new algicolous fungus on terricolous Nostoc crust from Ukraine

Khodosovtsev O.Ye.1, Darmostuk V.V.1,2

Collemopsidium kostikovii Khodos. & Darmostuk sp. nov. (Collemopsidales, Xanthopyrenaceae) is described as a new for science species of algicolous fungi. The new species is characterized by pseudothecia fully immersed in algal crust, (80–)90–170(–200) µm wide, not widening ostiole, 10–20 µm diam., 8-spored asci and 1-septate hyaline ascospores, (14.8–)16–19.6(–23) × (6.3–)6.4–7.8(–9.0) µm. It is morphologically similar to C. iocarpum, but differs by its not widening ostiole and association with terricolous cyanobacterial crust with dominant Nostoc muscorum.

Keywords: Nostoc, Pyrenocollema, saline soil, Poltava Region

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