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Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(5): 646–648
Floristic Records

A new record of Celastrus scandens L. (Celastraceae) at the protected area Rizanyi Yar (Cherkasy Region)

Tyshchenko O.V.1, Tyshchenko V.M.2, Kucheryava L.F.3

The locality of North American Celastrus scandens L. (about 216 m²) is registered in the protected area Rizanyi Yar (Cherkasy Region, Ukraine) at age-old oakery area. This species was registered earlier in Ukraine only under conditions of cultivation. C. scandens is harmful to some representatives of the local flora; its distribution is restrained by its relative frost-resistancy and the ability only for vegetative propagation. C. scandens is used for ornamental and medicinal purposes.

Keywords: protected area, Celastrus scandens, isolated location

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