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Ukr. Bot. J. 2020, 77(2): 113–116
Mycological Records

First find in Ukraine of Entoloma graphitipes (Entolomataceae), a rare species in Europe

Prydiuk M.P., Zykova M.O.

The first for Ukraine record of Entoloma graphitipes (subgenus Claudopus) from Male Polissya National Nature Park (Khmelnytskyi Region) is reported. Up to now, only seven records of this rare species have been known in Europe (five records from Spain, one from Germany, and one from Norway). The fungus is characterized by considerable morphological and ecological variability. Detailed descriptions of its macro- and micromorphological characters, original photos of fruit bodies and drawings of microstructures are provided.

Keywords: Agaricomycetes, distribution, Entoloma rusticoides group, subgenus Claudopus

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