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Ukr. Bot. J. 2019, 76(6): 542–547
Floristic Records

Galeopsis angustifolia (Lamiaceae), a new alien species in the flora of Ukraine

Orlov O.O1, Iakushenko D.M.2, Májeková J.3, Zaliberová M.3, Protopopova V.V.4,5, Andrik E.J.4, Shevera M.V.5,4

Data on floristic finds of Galeopsis angustifolia (Lamiaceae), a new alien species for the Ukrainian flora, are reported. Taxonomically the species is very close to G. ladanum. The main distinguishing features between these species are: morphological characteristics of generative and vegetative organs of plants, mainly shape and size of leaves, size of petals, calyx pubescence, and chemical composition. In some neighboring to Ukraine countries, the placement of G. angustifolia in the natural or alien fraction of the flora which is under discussion. In the flora of Slovakia this species is regarded as natural, in Hungary it is included in the provisional list of archeophytes, and in Poland, at least in its northern part, and in Belarus, as a kenophyte. Plants were recorded on railways in two regions of Ukraine, in 2016–2017 in Zhytomyr Polissya (Zhytomyr Region) and in 2018 in the Zakarpattia lowland (Transcarpathian Region). Taxonomic citations, morphological characteristics, geographical (primary and secondary areas), ecological and coenotic peculiarities of G. angustifolia are given. According to the time of its migration, ways of distribution, and degree of naturalization this species is a kenophyte, xenophyte and colonophyte in Zhytomyr Polissya and an ephemerophyte in the Zakarpattia lowland. A map of the species distribution in Ukraine is presented.

Keywords: alien species, floristic record, Galeopsis angustifolia, railways, Ukraine, Zakarpattia lowland, Zhytomyr Polissya

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