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Ukr. Bot. J. 2016, 73(2): 134–143
Vegetation Science, Ecology, Conservation

The genus Minuartia s. l. (Caryophyllaceae) in the flora of Eastern Europe: an overview of nomenclatural changes in the light of new molecular phylogenetic data

Fedoronchuk M.M., Mosyakin S.L.

The article provides an overview of recent taxonomic and nomenclatural changes affecting the taxa of the genus Minuartia L. s. l. (Caryophyllaceae) occurring in Eastern Europe, following new molecular phylogenetic data. Identification keys and descriptions are presented for genera Minuartia s. str., its segregates Cherleria L., Pseudocherleria Dillenb. & Kadereit, and Sabulina Rchb., and their East European species. For taxa occurring in Ukraine, more detailed synonymy, data on nomenclatural types, distribution and habitats, and, when necessary, nomenclatural and taxonomic notes are given.

Keywords: flora, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, nomenclature, Caryophyllaceae, Cherleria, Minuartia, Pseudocherleria, Sabulina

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