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Ukr. Bot. J. 2016, 73(1): 33–45
Plant Taxonomy, Geography and Floristics

System of the family Caryophyllaceae in the Ukrainian flora. 2. Subfamily Caryophylloideae

Fedoronchuk M.M.

A review of the system of Caryophyllaceae of the Ukrainian flora is finalized. An updated system of the subfamily Caryophylloideae is presented. The systems of the first three subfamilies were published earlier. The subfamily Caryophylloideae is a well outlined taxon divided into two separate groups (tribes): Sileneae DC. (= Lychnideae A. Braun) and Caryophylleae (= Diantheae A. Braun); however, some generic borders are still unclear and in some cases difficult to distinguish. The subfamily Caryophylloideae is very diverse by characters of sprout renewal, root system, vegetative reproduction, inflorescence type, flower structure, etc. which is evidence of its evolutionary advance. In the tribe Sileneae, the monotypic genus Drypis L. (D. spinosa L.) (Balkan Mts) and the genus Cucubalus L. (C. bacifer L.) are the most specialized, with original fruits and stems. In the tribe Caryophylleae, the least advanced is the genus Gypsophila L., which in some primitive characters is very close to Acanthophyllum C.A. Mey., Bolanthus (Ser.) Rchb., Phryna (Boiss.) Pax ex K. Hoffm. and other low-specialized genera, not recorded in Ukraine. A summary of the system of the subfamily Caryophylloideae of the family Caryophyllaceae in the flora of Ukraine is provided. The type and nomenclature citation for each supraspecific taxon and the main synonyms for species are presented. For genera and species, the Ukrainian names are given.

Keywords: Caryophyllaceae, Caryophylloideae, system, genera, species, nomenclatural type, new combinations, Ukraine

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