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Ukr. Bot. J. 2016, 73(1): 11–20
Vegetation Science, Ecology, Conservation

Contemporary state and actual tasks of protection of pioneer vegetation in Ukraine

Dubyna D.V., Dziuba T.P., Iemelianova S.M., Davydov D.A.

A short characterization of habitat peculiarities of pioneer vegetation in Ukraine is presented. Uniqueness and exclusive importance of this vegetation is emphasized. It is noted that due to growing under ecological extreme conditions, the pioneer vegetation is extraordinary sensitive to the abiotic factor changes. A high rarity degree of the syntaxa (all associations of the classes Cakiletea maritimae and Crithmo-Staticetea as well as majority of Festucetea vaginatae belong to the first protection category) was established. Threat factors for the pioneer vegetation biodiversity were defined. Of them, hydrotechnical construction, expansion of selitebic areas, excessive development of recreational infrastructure and uncontrolled tourism, functioning of large port industrial aglomerations and pasqual load are the principal factors. Representativity of the pioneer vegetation in the objects of Nature Conservation Fund of Ukraine is regarded as insufficient. The main tasks for its protection are formulated.

Keywords: pioneer vegetation, protection, Ukraine

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