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Ukr. Bot. J. 2015, 72(1): 46–49
Mycological Records

New records of Milesina blechni and Milesina kriegeriana (Pucciniales) from the Ukrainian Carpathians

Tykhonenko Yu.Ya., Hayova V.P.

Two species of Milesina (Pucciniales) collected in Gorgany Nature Reserve (Nadvirna District, Ivano-Frankivsk Region) in September 2014 are reported, M. blechni (Syd. et P. Syd.) Arthur ex Faull on Blechnum spicant (L.) Roth and M. kriegeriana (Magnus) Magnus on Dryopteris carthusiana (Vill.) H.P. Fuchs. These species have not been recorded in Ukraine for about a hundred years. Both rusts were found in very humid sites. Numerous observations of the same host plants under less humid conditions revealed no fungi. Descriptions, micrographs (SEM and LM) and distribution maps for the studied fungi are provided.

Keywords: Pucciniastraceae, rust fungi, Dryopteris, Blechnum, morphology, distribution, Ukraine

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