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Ukr. Bot. J. 2014, 71(3): 357–363
Fungi and Fungi-like Organisms

New and rare for Ukraine species of the family Coprinaceae. 3. Genus Coprinus (section Coprinus)

M.P. Prydiuk

The data about finds of some new and rare for Ukraine representatives of the section Coprinus of the genus Coprinus Pers. are presented. Coprinus acuminatus (Romagn.) P.D. Orton and C. romagnesianus Singer are reported for the first time for Ukraine, and new localities for C. insignis Peck, C. jonesii Peck and C. spelaiophilus Bas et Uljé are registered. Their descriptions, localities, data on general distribution and original drawings are given.

Keywords: Coprinaceae, Coprinus, Atramentarii, Lanatuli, new and rare species

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