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Ukr. Bot. J. 2014, 71(1): 45–49
Floristic Records

Impatiens balfourii (Balsaminaceae), a new alien species of the Ukrainian flora

Orlov O.O.1, Shevera M.V.2, Bronskov O.I.3

Data on floristic records of Impatiens balfourii Hook. F. (Balsaminaceae), a new alien species (ergasiophyte) in the Ukrainian flora, are reported. Short morphological characteristics, chorologic (primary and secondary ranges) and ecological peculiarities of the species are given. The following fragments of the species distribution maps in Ukraine are presented: in cultivation (village Vuzlove/railway stations Batyevo and Chop, Transcarpathia Region), and as escaped (village Kyianka, Emelchynski District, Zhytomyr Region; village Vuzlove, Beregovo District, and village Neresnytsya, Tyachiv District, Transcarpathia Region).

Keywords: Impatiens balfourii, alien species, floristic record, Ukraine

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