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Ukr. Bot. J. 2023, 80(4): 301–305
Plant Taxonomy, Geography and Floristics

New combinations in Helichrysum simpsonii Kottaim. for the taxa described as H. selago var. acutum Cheeseman and H. selago var. tumidum Cheeseman (Asteraceae) from Aotearoa / New Zealand

de Lange P.J. 1, Blanchon D.J. 2

New variety- and subspecies-rank combinations in the Aotearoa / New Zealand endemic Helichrysum simpsonii Kottaim. are provided for the taxa described as H. selago var. acutum Cheeseman and H. selago var. tumidum Cheeseman, and lectotypes of these names are designated.

Keywords: Asteraceae, Helichrysum, Helichrysum simpsonii var. acutum, Helichrysum simpsonii subsp. tumidum, flora, lectotypification, new combinations, New Zealand

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