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Ukr. Bot. J. 2020, 77(6): 428–433
Plant Taxonomy, Geography and Floristics

The flora of the Batumi landfill (Adjara, Georgia)

Mikeladze I.Sh.1, Sharabidze A.Sh.2

Results of floristic research conducted within the territory of the Batumi landfill (Adjara, Georgia) are presented. The total area of the site is about 20 hectares, of which 10 hectares are active and the remaining part was closed in the beginning of the 21st century. In the closed area, the processes of formation of stabilized plant communities and spontaneous vegetation successions are going on. As a result of the survey, we revealed 244 species of vascular plants belonging to 163 genera of 59 families. Among them, 86 species are considered native and 158 species are alien. Among the listed species, 94 are representatives of the ruderal flora and others are species characteristic for various other habitats.

Supplementary Material. Electronic Supplement (Table E1, e1–e7) is available in the online version of this article.

Keywords: Adjara, alien flora, Batumi, landfill, life forms, ruderal species

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