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Ukr. Bot. J. 2020, 77(3): 136–142
Plant Taxonomy, Geography and Floristics

Typification of the name Orchis × pseudoparviflora (Orchidaceae)

Protopopova V.V. 1,2, Tymchenko I.A.2, Shevera M.V. 2,1, Ryff L.E.3

A lectotype of Orchis × pseudoparviflora (O. coriophora × O. elegans, Orchidaceae) described from Ukraine is designated. The species was described by Ugrinski (1913, 1917, 1922) based on collections (syntypes) from the north-eastern part of Ukraine (currently Sumy and Kharkiv regions) and Crimea. Its taxonomic status and circumscription, as well as those of one of its parent species (O. elegans), have been interpreted differently. Taxonomic and nomenclatural issues of Orchis × pseudoparviflora are discussed. This hybrid is currently accepted under the name Anacamptis × timbali nothosubsp. reinhardii. The lectotypification of O. × pseudoparviflora is based on a recently discovered specimen from the Herbarium of the Nikita Botanical Garden – the National Scientific Center (YALT, s. n.). A scanned image of the designated lectotype is provided.

Keywords: Crimea, lectotype, Orchidaceae, Orchis coriophora × O. elegans, O. pseudoparviflora, Ukraine

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