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Ukr. Bot. J. 2018, 75(5): 421–435
Plant Taxonomy, Geography and Floristics

A synopsis of the family Fabaceae in the flora of Ukraine. III. Subfamily Faboideae (tribe Fabeae)

Fedoronchuk M.M.

A synopsis of the tribe Fabeae of Fabaceae subfam. Faboideae is presented. According to results of morphological studies and molecular phylogenetic data, the tribe Fabeae in the Ukrainian flora is represented by six genera recognized here (Vicia, Lathyrus, Ervum, Ervilia, Lens, and Pisum) that contain 76 species. The genera Vicia (34 spp.) and Lathyrus (30 spp.) are most species-rich taxa in the tribe in the Ukrainian flora. Significant nomenclatural changes have been made recently in the genus Vicia s. l. Two segregate genera, Ervum (sect. Ervum) and Ervilia (sect. Ervilia, Ervoides, Lenticula) are recognized. According to the results of molecular phylogenetic studies, it is considered necessary to include the species Lathyrus saxatilis in the genus Vicia. Some nomenclatural changes are recognized in other sections of Vicia: sect. Lathyroides, sect. Hypechusa, sect. Faba, etc. Vicia lathyroides is included in sect. Peregrinae. The placement of Vicia bithynica, V. faba, and V. narbonensis in three different sections is justified: Pseudolathyrus, Faba, and Laticarpae; the status of these taxa during a long time remained debatable.

Keywords: Fabaceae, Fabeae, Vicia, Lathyrus, Ervum, Ervilia, Lens, Pisum, taxonomy, nomenclature, phylogeny, flora, Ukraine

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