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Ukr. Bot. J. 2017, 74(6): 532–538
Plant Taxonomy, Geography and Floristics

Lectotypification of five subspecies names of Hieracium auriculoides and H. brachiatum (Asteraceae) described from the North Caucasus by D.I. Litvinov and K.H. Zahn.

Shiyan N.M.1, Pavlenko-Barysheva V.S.1, Tatanov I.V.2

Five names of subspecies of Hieracium s.l. (Asteraceae) described from the North Caucasus by D.I. Litvinov and K.H. Zahn are lectotypified: Hieracium auriculoides Láng subsp. basileucum Litv. et Zahn, H. auriculoides subsp. sabiniceps Litv. et Zahn (≡ H. auriculoides subsp. sabinocephalum Litv. et Zahn, nom. illeg.), H. auriculoides subsp. sublasiophorum Litv. et Zahn, H. auriculoides subsp. umbelliforme Litv. et Zahn (≡ H. auriculoides subsp. subumbelliforme Zahn, nom. illeg.; H. subumbelliforme Üksip), and H. brachiatum Bertero ex DC. subsp. alticaule Litv. et Zahn. For each subspecies, the following data are provided: basionym, main synonyms, information about type localities according to the protologue, lectotype (isolectotypes, syntypes, if applicable) and their herbarium barcodes, and nomenclatural notes. In addition, scanned images of all newly designated lectotypes are presented.

Keywords: Asteraceae, Hieracium, Pilosella, nomenclature, lectotypification, Litvinov, Zahn, North Caucasus

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