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Ukr. Bot. J. 2022, 79(2): 77–83
Plant Taxonomy, Geography and Floristics

Lectotypification of the name Brachyscome neocaledonica = Pytinicarpa neocaledonica (Asteraceae: Astereae)

Wang J.1, Guymer G.1, de Lange P.J.2

The lectotype (P00537796) is designated for the name Brachyscome neocaledonica Guill. (now accepted as Pytinicarpa neocaledonica (Guill.) G.L.Nesom), the type species of the genus Pytinicarpa G.L.Nesom (Asteraceae). This action proved necessary as only syntypes for that species name were cited by Guillaumin in the protologue; also, no lectotypification was provided when Nesom erected the genus Pytinicarpa. Some syntypes from the gatherings cited in the protologue of Brachyscome neocaledonica represent a related species Pytinicarpa sarasinii (Däniker) G.L.Nesom (Brachyscome sarasinii Däniker) or mixed collections. Because of that the lectotype designation is important for maintaining the nomenclatural stability and application of names in the genus Pytinicarpa.

Keywords: Asteraceae, Astereae, Brachyscome, Pytinicarpa, Brachyscome neocaledonica, Pytinicarpa neocaledonica, lectotypification, New Caledonia

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