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Ukr. Bot. J. 2019, 76(1): 52–59
Red Data Book of Ukraine

Schoenoplectiella mucronata (Cyperaceae) in the flora of Ukraine

Moysiyenko I.I.1, Danylyk I.M.2, Melnyk R.P.1, Sadova O.F.3, Zakharova M.Ya.1

The article presents results of a comprehensive study of the rare species Schoenoplectiella mucronata (Cyperaceae) included in the 3rd edition of the Red Data Book of Ukraine (2009). The nomenclatural references and most commonly used synonyms are given, taking into account new generalized data on the genus Schoenoplectiella from morphological and molecular phylogenetic studies. An analysis of distribution patterns of S. mucronata in Ukraine has also been carried out in this study. Four localities were recorded – two localities based on herbarium data and two localities from scientific literature. One of these localities is in Odessa Region and another in Kherson Region. Of these four sites, one was investigated in situ, where an analysis of the phytocenological and populational characteristics has been carried out. It has been established that S. mucronata is confined to the plant communities of the classes Phragmito-Magnocaricetea and Oryzetea sativae and forms populations of the normal type with a right-side age spectrum. Because of its synanthropic character and significant segetal activity, its conservation status remains unclear.

Keywords: Cyperaceae, distribution, Scirpus, Schoenoplectus, Schoenoplectiella, nomenclature, phytocoenotic and population peculiarities, rare species, Ukraine

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