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Ukr. Bot. J. 2015, 72(6): 610–618
History of Science

Academician Dmytro K. Zerov (120th Anniversary of his birth)

Partyka L.Y.

The article presents an extensive review of scientific and organizational activities of an outstanding florist and taxonomist, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, D.K. Zerov. In rich heritage of the scientist, the author highlights his fundamental research on sphagnum mosses and liverworts. During 1921–1923, as a researcher of the Commission for study of spore plants D.K. Zerov explores sphagnum mosses not only in Ukraine, but also in other regions of the USSR. He developed a typology of swamps and identified the main phases of their development. The results helped to clarify the genesis of Ukrainian wetlands, establish the patterns of vegetation dynamics under the influence of reclamation. D.K. Zerov was a founder of wetlands science in Ukraine. The scientist is also known for his fruitful research in paleobotany and phytogeography. In his publications on pollen analysis, he addressed the issues of formation and development conditions of sphagnum bogs Ukraine, as well as the main features of the post-glacial vegetation since glacial maximum period. In 1963, at the Institute of Botany a Department of history of flora and paleobotany was established and led by D.K. Zerov. The scientist also founded Briological Herbarium of the Institute. Since 1946 and throughout 17 years, D.K. Zerov was a Director of the Institute of Botany of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, which under his leadership has grown into a leading center of botanical science in Ukraine. A giant of erudition, a brilliant scientist, an outstanding educator, a man of deep intelligence and noble soul –this is how one can see D.K. Zerov in the review.

Keywords: D.K. Zerov, history of flora, paleobotany, phylogeny, spore plants, sphagnum mosses, liverworts

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