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Ukr. Bot. J. 2014, 71(1): 22–28
Vegetation Science, Ecology, Conservation

Glareophyton and bioecological features of obligate glareophytes in the upper zone of the Mountain Crimea: a case study of Lamium glaberrimum (Lamiaceae)

Nikiforov O.R.

Biomorphological characteristics of plants, previously interpreted as features adaptive to the conditions of crumble talus (such as spreaded rhizomes, powerful and deep main root system penetrating talus, etc.), in fact indicate quite different ecological conditions. Vegetation of a crumble slope is formed not stepwise in parallel with overgrowing talus and its stabilization, but simultaneously with the formation of this landscape. Using Lamium glaberrimum (K. Koch) Taliev as a case study, the key characteristics of obligate glareophytes have been determined: seed reproduction, short-distance dispersal of seeds, thermophily, mezophily, heliophily, ability of the hypocotile and shoots to lengthen in favourable periods and to overcome quickly the layer of detritus, shallow root system, overwintering of renewal organs in the detritus and a short life cycle. Biological peculiarities do not allow to include obligate glareophytes into syntaxa of petrophytic vegetation.

Keywords: Mountain Crimea, talus, petrophyte, glareophyte, Lamium glaberrimum

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