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Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(6): 776–779
Mycological Records

The first report of Peronospora verbenae, a downy mildew on Verbena officinalis, in Ukraine

Dudka I.O.1, Hayova V.P.1, Korytnianska V.G.2

A rare downy mildew, Peronospora verbenae on Verbena officinalis, is newly reported from Ukraine. The species recently described from Germany and recorded in the UK and Czech Republic is unknown outside Europe. Using SEM, additional ultrastructural features of the ultimate branchlets and conidiospore surface were discovered. Original illustrations of the revealed morphological characters are provided.

Keywords: Oomycota, Peronosporales, downy mildews, Peronospora, Verbena

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