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Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4)
DOI: 10.15407/ukrbotj70.04
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Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, Vol. 70, Issue 4

17 articles

Vegetation Science, Ecology, Conservation

Syntaxomy of Festuco-Puccinellietea Soy ex Vicherek 1973 class in Ukraine

Dubyna D.V., Dziuba T.P., Iemelianova S.M.
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 429–449
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Ecological maps of threelateral Biosphere Reservation ‘Western Polesie’ (Shatsky NNP) and their analysis

Didukh Y.P.1, Fitsailo T.V.1, Pashkevich N.A.2, Mala Y.I.1
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 450–456
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Development of the Ingulets Regional ecocorridor: problems and perspectives

Smetana O.M., Dolina O.O., Yaroshchuk Y.V., Krasova O.O., Rudiuk D.O.
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 457–466
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Plant Taxonomy, Geography and Floristics

Modern approaches to classificationof fruits of Brassicaceae: a case study of taxa occurring in Ukraine

Iljinska A.P.
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 467–478
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Identification key for the species of the genus Artemisia L. (Asteraceae) of the flora of Ukraine

Boiko G.V.
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 479–482
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The frequency of alien plant species in anthropogenic habitats of the flatland part of Ukraine according to the latitudinal gradient

Burda R.I.
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 483–488
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Structural analysis of the alien fraction of the flora of the Crimean Peninsula (Ukraine)

Bagrikova N.A.
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 489–507
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Invasive species in the Kharkiv urban flora

Zvyagintseva K.A.
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 508–513
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Validation of three names of nothospecies in Malinae, Rosaceae

Mezhenskyj V.M.
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 514–515
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Floristic Records

A new find of Echinochloa microstachya (Wiegand) Rydb. (Poaceae) in Ukraine

Dvirna T.S.
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 516–518
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Asplenium lepidum C. Presl subsp. haussknechtii (Godet et Reut.) Brownsey (Aspleniaceae), a new taxon of ferns in the flora of Eastern Europe

Ryff L.E.
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 519–521
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Fungi and Fungi-like Organisms

Lichens of the Lisnyky Botanical Preserve (Kyiv, Ukraine) and their indicator values

Dymytrova L.V.
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 522–534
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Mycological Records

Lichenicolous fungi Arthonia phaeophysciae Grube & Matzer (Arthoniaceae) and Taeniolella phaeophysciae D. Hawksw. (Anamorphic Ascomycota), new species for Ukraine

Pirogov M.V. 1, Khodosovtsev A.Ye. 2
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 535–537
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Red Data Book of Ukraine

Ontomorphogenesis of Chamaecytisus albus (Hacq.) Rothm. (Fabaceae) and state of the local population in the Chaplya reservate (Podilsky Tovtry National Nature Park)

Lyubinska L.G.1, Shevera M.V.2
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 538–542
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New data on distribution of rare species of Galanthus L. and Arum L. in Prydniprovska Upland

Melnik V.I.1, Didenko S.Ya.1, Didenko I.P.2, Galushko O.S.1
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 543–546
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New records of two rare macromycetes in the North western part of the Black Sea region (Ukraine)

Babenko O.A., Popova O.M.
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 547–551
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Plant Physiology, Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology

Effect of short-term temperature stresses on HSP70 synthesis and level of hydrogen peroxide in Amaranthus caudatus L. seedlings

Kosakivska I.V.1, Negretsky V.A.1, Pushkarev V.M.2, Konturska O.A.1, Rakhmetov J.B.3, Ustinova A.Yu.1
Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(4): 552–556
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