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Ukr. Bot. J. 2013, 70(3): 308–312
Vegetation Science, Ecology, Conservation

Species of the family Poaceae described from Ukraine: genera Helictotrichon Besser, Hierochloë R. Br., Koeleria Pers., Lolium L., Melica L., Milium L., Molinia Schrank, Panicum L.

Fedoronchuk M.M. 1, Gubar L.M. 1, Futorna O.A. 1, 2

The list of species of vascular plants of the family Poaceae (genera Helictotrichon, Hierochloë, Koeleria, Lolium, Melica, Milium, Molinia, Panicum) described from Ukraine and typification of some species are provided. The following data for each species are provided: basionym, original nomenclatural citation; type according to the protologue, and holotype, isotype, lectotype, neotype, or topotype; herbarium(-a) in which the specimen(s) is (are) deposited.

Keywords: taxonomy, type specimens, basionim, holotype, lectotype, isotype, Poaceae

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